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This company, young and dynamics, is always in a position to offering an high level technological solutions, adapted to every requirement. From years, in fact, we follow a wide range of more and more demanding customers, proposing flexible and definitive solutions in many different working fields becoming a point of reference for craftsmen and industries.
The company promotes itself as a post sale partner of wood machining CNC working centre; it offers attendance in occasion of exhibition, giving also a telephone service. We want also to underline the importance of the computer science management HW/SW concerning:

>>  Personal computer for machinery or common use

>>  CNC

>>  Server

>>  Business or domestic networ implementation

>>  Static or dynamic web site implementation

AGservice is qualified to set-up, to transform and for the widening and the maintenance of electric installation for civil or business buildings (art. 1 codicil 1, letter to Law n. 46 of the 05,03,1990 Norms for the emergency of the systems).

For greater information or in order to demand attendance write to

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