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Assistenza Macchine Utensili
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[ Woodworking Machines Assistance ]

AGservice, SCM  AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER, offers attendance to 360 on scm woodworking machine.
Our participations regard:

>> Installation, putting in service of the CE norms machinery

>> Formation of the staff assigned to the machinery use

>> Formation of the staff assigned to the use of the software: interfaces man-machine, cad/cam and cutting optimization programs.

>> Mechanical intervention: boring head servicing, electrospindles substitution, recirculating ball screws, guides and sliding pads, working table set-up.

>> Electronic and electrical intervention on every machine components with a PC support

>> Machines service directly in our company

>> Original spare parts supply SCM Logo SCM

>> Teleservice

For greater information or in order to demand attendance write to info@agserviceit.com

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